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Nigel Hanlon

Coltri Sub Sales

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Diver Equipment Supplies

For everyone out there who maybe looking for new gear or replacing or upgrading parts of gear I have become involved in sales of Coltri Sub gear. Good gear at great prices.

Masks starting from: €24.00
Droopy mask €28.00
Folding Mask (For u Tekkies) €30.00
Basic Snorkles €11.00
Shotgun snorkle (with valve) €14.00

Fins starting from:
Neptunes (black only – up to size L) €41.00
LC1 (blue/yellow – up to size XL) €49.00

Regs Starting from:
Balanced reg first & second stage (C70) €158.00
Octos second stage (C30) €74.00

Balanced reg with environmentally
sealed dry chamber (the dogs Bollocks):
First and second stage €253.00
Matching Octo €118.00

BCD/Stab Jackets:
VC 4 BCD €256.00
VC8 BCD (wing with integrated Weights) €280.00
VC10 BCD (wing with double bladder very Tekkie) €483.00

Nigel Hanlon
Dalkey Scubadivers
Mobile: 086 3978989
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